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Welcome to Delta Labs!

DELTA is a sci-fi puzzle horror game set in an underground science facility (and inbetween dimensions)

Key Features


Variative gameplay:

The Delta Labs facility is huge and there's a number of ways of how to escape it. Explore the facility, find hidden patches, unlock secret rooms. You can interact with almost every object in the game.


The Story:

You suddenly have waken up in an unknown dimension in a middle of nowhere. What happened to you? Is this an experiment you "voluntarily" participated in? Or maybe you're experimenting on yourself?


Intoducing... The Delta Labs Photonic Energy Manipulator!

The main feature of the game is a gun that can absorb any type of energy and then use it!

For example, the energy absorbed from a light bulb will give your gun the ability to shoot low power laser. Absorbing force fields scattered all around the lab will make your gun shoot a ray that can immobilize objects, absorbing gamma radiation will turn your gun into a death ray, etc.


The goal of the game is to escape the facility and find out what's happening. The game has multiple endings and you can get only a small part of the full story by achieving on of them.

For now, just to test the concept out, we're releasing a short demo which is ~10-15% of the final game. The full game is planned to release in 2019.

Updated 12 days ago
Published 18 days ago
AuthorThree Dots
Tags3D, Horror, Sci-fi, Story Rich, Surreal, Unreal Engine


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Hello. This game it's made with Unity?


Hey i haven't played this yet and the game looks very good. All I wanted to know is the age rating of this game. I want to play this on YouTube but my audience ranges from 8-15 years of age. I wanna make sure that it's appropriate before I put my time into this. Also, I was wondering if you could add the opton to change the sensitivity.



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Should be no problem as there is no gore (well, maybe a little) or intense violence in the game


Hey, loving the lack of hand-holding, but some bugs/glitches made it hard to determine what the actual goals are. Made it through, though. Here's a list of things you may want to look at with time stamps. 

14:25 Doesn't make sense that the barrier faded before it was passable. Doesn't really make sense for it to only go away when the gun is charged, either.

15:59 Door never reopens, but still makes the door closing noise whenever the camera is set off. Have to restart chapter to get the door open.

20:47 Gamma Borked

21:40 Gurney object still present but invisible

26:05 Big Buddy gets stuck on the light

31:21 Keys are incredibly hard to pick up

34:25 Furniture disappears. Also happens to painting.

37:27 Randomly teleport to a corner on the opposite side of the room.

40:48 Maybe not a glitch, but you may want to make crouch a toggle thing or make certain areas force you to crouch. You just have to hold the button right now if you want to move.

45:13 and 45:32 Teleported back to rift.

46:42 Spawn below ground level.

48:03 Research note automatically closes immediately. Eventually stops.

Starting at 50:05 Visual glitch with the beam. Goes straight into the ground sometimes.

Just for the sake of my poor aim, I also wish the stasis effect lasted a while after you stop shooting. Skirting the guy in the hall was a pain. And you may want to change the area of effect on the entanglement platform. It's just random chance that I didn't give up when it didn't work on the first try.

Overall, the game is incredibly beautiful, and I'm looking forward to the full release. Not enough puzzle games give you that full "figure it out on your own" experience. I mean, I wandered into an alternate dimension by accident. Realistically, who would be there to give me hints? I'm still kinda shocked that the chair thing worked. Also, how far could I have actually gone in the forest? Seems HUGE.

Hey, thanks for the video and the bug report! We'll do our best to fix all the issues

I downloaded the game, and attempted to run it however, I kept getting a fatal error. I was not able to run the game and ended up uninstalling. I'm sure you'll get it fixed but wanted to make you aware that it would not run. 

The  Game has crashed and will close
Fatal error: [File:D:\Build\++UE4\Sync\Engine\Source\Runtime\Core\Private\Internationalization\ICUInternationalization.cpp] [Line: 135] ICU data directory was not discovered:

OK   ---------------------------

Hey! Can you send a screenshot of the files in the game folder?

I just saw your reply, but I had already deleted them.

Oh my god, this game just looks awesome. When the full version will be released?

Dude, so many people played your game, Dropbox hit its download limit XD (you should really get that fixed tho)

Thanks for the notify, already fixed


I had no idea you were working on Epistle III, Thats awesome!

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This game is freacking amazing, I played it for an hour and I want more. I understand that it is only beta version, so my imagination can't create what this game will become. Want to see this in steam and even pay some money. Thank you guys for emotions that game give!


Hey! So the visuals are amazing, and so is the sound design. But what I found frustrating about the demo is that there's nearly no instruction and no context as to what's happening, it leaves everything feeling a bit like it's just random things happening to the player character and because of that, nothing really feels as if it has consequence. Understanding that this is a demo, more of a technical showcase really, somewhat exempts it from that, but at the same time I don't really think it does a great job of communicating what the game is going to be. I'm looking forward to future updates, but as it stands I don't really know what is going on.